The Artist Grimm


The Artist Grimm has been involved in art since birth (His first work was an abstract on the doctors smock). His mother, Ruthi, has helped him hone his skills ever since. Between his mother, her cousin John Schou, and growing up in California, Grimm has been influenced with various styles, multiple cultures, and the use of bright colors. Art was a big part of family life for him. Grimm's cousin Tyler and sister Aleksa are also very talented artists. Involvement in the arts continues with his wife's photography and his daughter's music.

Grimm's grandparents instilled a strong 'love ethic' when he was young and their love and generosity towards others was all he needed to cement his faith in Christ. Even though he works in many styles, his subject matter usually seems to focus on God's love for us and our need to love people the same. His "In All Things" series shows positive role models whom he believes provide excellent examples of both God's love and the love of those faithful to him. Some of his work in the "Luvbomb" series are aimed at convincing people to love militantly and to pour their passions into love. Both the Bible and his grandparents showed him that, despite all of us living in our own sins or focusing on the sins around us, we still need to love and be loved without abandon.

Grimm has quite a few issues with his back and neck, including bulging discs, scoliosis, and stenosis, as well as bum knees, that cause chronic pain. He also suffers from depression, arthritis, and other health problems brought on by his disabilities. These combine to make it very difficult to live a productive life (or deal with manner-less people very well - he's already cranky!). There are times when opening a soda or zip-loc bag are difficult, let alone working on art! Since becoming fully disabled, his art production has dropped drastically. Despite his disabilities, he enjoys using his time providing art to anyone that is impacted by his style and message. Some of his works have been donated to raise funds for adoption, art programs for the disabled, mission trips, and breast cancer awareness. Others are in personal collections around the world. He is also well versed in photography (focusing on the beauty of people and his surroundings, with his typical Grimm flair) and graphic design (sometimes focusing on faith, sometimes just good ol' humor, and occasionally society's issues), and is an author of two children's books and is slowly (very slowly) working on a few novels.

His newest endeavor is in the world of 420 girl photography. Hopefully enough kind ladies will volunteer for photo shoots so that TheArtistGrimm can put together a photography show and raise some money for the legalization efforts in Kentucky. With the right combination of models and stories, he hopes to put a small batch of 420 girl books together as well.