Expenses of the West

My details are as follows:


Born in Burlingame, CA circa July '80, raised in Concord, CA til bout Y2K, moved to PortlandI reside near GreshamI began drawing to pass time while grounded on restriction as punishment for disobedience during early adolescence circa '90.My favorite skateboarder is Tommy Guerrero, but because I dig his music, but Steve Olson is my dood!Favorite artist, fuckin serious? Uh, Ashley-duh, Dali, El Greco, Escher, Da Vinci, Alex Grey, Reminisce, Dream, Twist, Sonet, Naka, Alan Goldsworthy, David Choe, Relik, Mr. Say Artist, Alter, Eos, NBK, and Joey Iovenitti. Many more but just to name a few focal...I like to work, learn, and be around my kids.My biggest influences are that one dude that did that one thing, and that other person known for all that other shit..I feel most comfortable with aerosol paint and acrylic but I really enjoy all sorts of random mediums/media.I would like to share that I think Portland is really neat and it's cool shit like this and the rad peeps responsible for such that make Portland so neat. Much thanks!