Raithon Clay


I’m a local (Portland) artist born and raised in Anchorage Alaska. I moved to Portland in 1998 to be involved in the local music scene. Little did I know how vast the local art scene was as well, which inspired me to express myself in many forms of art. I work in a variety of mediums often using materials others have overlooked to create something that will last forever.

I find and make my own stencils and paint colors. Epoxy is also big in my work. My studio “Woodrow Room” is where all creations are transformed when time allows.

Music plays a big roll in my work. I ride the sounds of the background, moving paint rhythmically over my subject to bring a feeling from inside out into the world. I try to let things flow which then gets represented on the medium at that time. Art by sound so to spea

What I feel while my limbs are in motion is what will stay with me forever. Working on many pieces at the same time gives me ideas for my next move. After a little bit I will go back and add my final touches, then the idea becomes clear. My hope is that someone else can see and feel whatever they need from what has been created, a moment in time captured. Waiting to become alive in someone else’s environment.

I currently live and breathe in NE Portland with my son Bishop and wife Marcy.