Keith Larson

Where were you born? Year, Country, State. Where do you live currently?


I was born in Valdosta Ga. U.S.A in 1972 only because it was inexpensive. I cost $10. Currently I live in Dallas, TX.



What initially drew you to drawing pretty pictures?


I've been told by my mother that I was always artistic in some way and was never satisfied with whatever it was I was working on until I said it was done. Not much has changed.



Who is your favorite skateboarder, living or dead? Any ties to skateboarding?

 I started skateboarding in 1986 and I still derive joy from its simplicities. So my favorite skaters are from that age and are many in number based mostly off style and creativity. I would have to say number one though would always be Natas Kaupas. I had 9 of his panther model boards in a row. 

Who is your favorite artist, living or dead? 


I don't think I can say there is just one but the first one that always come to mind is Evan Hecox.



When you're not creating amazing works of art, what do you enjoy doing?


I enjoy skateboarding with my friends, riding bikes with my wife, walking, camping, and riding my motorcycle.



Who are your biggest influences?


My biggest influences are, again, Evan Hecox, Natas Kaupas, and street artists the world over



What mediums do you enjoy working in?

Styrene is my favorite medium but Recently I have been experimenting outside of my comfort zones. My latest is wood carving with different types of wood I find on the trails. It's different doing subtractive work instead of addition like with clay. You have to just keep carving away until the whole piece is revealed. Or screw it up, either way it's a fun process.



Anything else you want to tell?


For the longest time I was against using skateboards as a canvas for my own art just because I believed it has been so over done. But then after seeing an art show specifically based on skate decks much like the art deck show but here in Dallas, and seeing artists like Jeremy Fish and seeing how far you can take it, my eyes were opened. As usual, the lesson here would be, keep your artistic mind open to all possibilities.