Josh Chapman Artist Bio:


Born 1975 Madison,WI. Currently in St. Louis, MO.I've been drawing since I can remember.I grew up on the Bones Brigade guys, but my favorite as an young adult was Rodney Mullen. The first time I saw him do a darkslide blew my mind. I skated into my my 20's, never very well though.I have a couple favorite artists, Alphons Mucha, John Singer Sargent, Dali. Chris Conn Askew, Timmothy Hoyer. Kuniyoshi, Yoshitoshi.Other than tattooing and painting, I enjoy cooking, djing, Filipino martial arts.I'm influenced by too many people to list.I work in oil, acrylic, but tend to use ink and watercolor/ gouache most of the time.While I try to paint as much as possible, most of my artwork are tattoos.