Jimmy Sarace


Hi, I'm jimmy Sarace. I was born in 1985 in hemmet California. After two years in the sunny state, I was shipped off to Denver Colorado and have since lived here. Growing up Every summer break I was sent out away from all of my friends to hang out with my pops and work. Being that I didn't have any summertime buddies where he lived I would constantly recreate every page from every wizard magazine I could get my hands on. If you don't remember wizard magazines, I'm sorry, they're only the best comic book info mags in the universe. Since then I've kept art close and today I am a tattoo artist at chroma collective in Parker co. Other than tattoos I love almost all forms of art medium. Recently I've been really into liquid acrylics. Some of my favorite artists and inspirations include; Jesse smith, Logan barracuda, jime litwalk, Greg simkins, and Chris sanders. My favorite style of art is usually bright fun newschool poppy funny sexy girl ghost monkey-ish type of stuff.



Oh yeah. And this...