Where were you born? Year, Country, State. Where do you live currently?


Born under the blood/harvest moon in October as the Vietnam War was winding down.  This birth took place in a small town in Northern Wisconsin and is where I currently reside for part to the year.  I also spend time in my favorite place and second home, Bozeman, Montana.


What initially drew you to drawing pretty pictures?


I don't draw pretty pictures.  I try to work with images in way that is unique, mainly burning them onto wood


Who is your favorite skateboarder, living or dead? Any ties to skateboarding?


Although I'm not really into skateboarding, I used to duck hunt with a group of skateboarders in Montana, and always admired the sport.  Tony Hawk revolutionized it and I admire him as a person as well.



Jason Sloan


Who is your favorite artist, living or dead?


I enjoy many artists, among them would be Josh Spies, Georgia O'keefe, and my favorite, Marco Almera.


When you're not creating amazing works of art, what do you enjoy doing?


Outside of art, I enjoy the outdoors.  I hunt and fish as much as I can, and love providing organic food to the table.


Who are your biggest influences? 


I've been influenced by many, and like most, it's tough to put my finger on where the influence exactly comes from.  I would have to say that Marco Almera is my biggest influence as I've always been drawn to the pop-surf culture of the West Coast.  I do a lot of wildlife art as well, which is mostly influenced by my time in the outdoors and strive to show our natural world the proper respect and represent it's true beauty.


What mediums do you enjoy working in?


I do all of my art on wood at this point, but would like to explore other mediums at some point.  I use a wood-burning tool and paint with water colors and oils.


Anything else you want to tell?