Eric Plaid Blackburn


I was born in S. E. Bend Washington in 1979, I've been living in Portland Oregon for the last 10 years. I've been drawing and painting for over 25 years. I guess I started taking it seriously during high school years, painting and drawing graffiti, and I guess that style stuck. I skated during those years, and still hop on a board from time to time. My favorite skateboarder is probably Danny Way, but there are too many to name here. I guess my favorite artist that pertains to the style is Jim Phillips. His images are some of my biggest inspirations. In addition to painting, I am also a tattoo artist at martian arts tattoo studio on 31st and Hawthorne in Portland Oregon. When I'm not tattooing, I generally use acrylics, spray paint, and paint markers. And I  usually paint on canvas or wood. Feel free to contact at