Dan Ness

Where were you born? Year, Country, State. Where do you live currently?


I born 1975, Portland, OR, USA



What initially drew you to drawing pretty pictures?


The Mighty Men and Monster Maker and Thriftway coloring contests.



Who is your favorite skateboarder, living or dead? Any ties to skateboarding?


Pepe Martinez, R.I.P.  Rodney is pretty good too 




Who is your favorite artist, living or dead?


Chris Burden



When you're not creating amazing works of art, what do you enjoy doing?


Skating, endlessly painting my van, listening to records, and falling asleep with the t.v. on



Who are your biggest influences?


Friends and people in books.



What mediums do you enjoy working in?


acrylic, video, photography



Anything else you want to tell?


UFO's are real!