Carisa Lu Von Gasser


Where were you born? Year, Country, State. Where do you live currently?


Boulder, CO 1980… have called Portland home for 10+years



What initially drew you to drawing pretty pictures?


Used to hire graffiti artists and illustrators and direct them… I had mad skill growing up… decided it might be best to draw things myself… the first poster took a whole month to make, now I can draw and print a poster in 12 hours if I need to, I guess returning to my roots revealed my path



Who is your favorite skateboarder, living or dead? Any ties to skateboarding?


Tony Hawk is the most obvious one… he was a household name in the 80’s and 90’s I would see him on television winning competitions… now that I’m older I wish there was footage of Ellen Berryman in her day… I’m really into people who are catalysts of progression


Who is your favorite artist, living or dead?


Maxfield Parrish


When you're not creating amazing works of art, what do you enjoy doing?


I see at least 5 shows a month, if theres lots of good music in town I can see that many in one week…easily… when I have time AND money kayaking, surfing, skiing, traveling and hiking around water are always a good time



Who are your biggest influences?


Comics… I read them everyday for 7 years… it helped me cope with teenage angst, still does… only now its more midlife crisis’… Hayao Miyazaki, Emek, Milton Glaser, Dan Wieden, Tara McPherson, Todd Slater… peers in gig posters… musicians and poets, life… have all had a huge impact on me… plus it helps to have met so many of my heroes, makes me think I’m lucky in something



What mediums do you enjoy working in?


Silkscreen ink printing, pen + ink, anything that produces color really



Anything else you want to tell?


If you buy this board use it… enjoy these curves!