Where were you born? Year, Country, State. Where do you live currently


Born in SF, CA, USA in 1966. PDX since 1995


What initially drew you to drawing pretty pictures


 Art has always been my escape from reality and responsibility.


Who is your favorite skateboarder, living or dead? Any ties to skateboarding


 Favorite boarder: Patti McGee for blazing the trail! I had a neon lime green banana board back in the 70s.


Who is your favorite artist, living or dead?


Favorite Artist: Mario Robert (Alive and killin' it in PDX)


When you're not creating amazing works of art, what do you enjoy doing


Current pastime besides art = paddling a Dragon Boat 



Who are your biggest influences


Frida Kahlo, Voodoo, Punk and Beer


What mediums do you enjoy working in?


I enjoy mixing mediums and always try new things. Currently working with bottle caps, beer cans, denim and leather.



Anything else you want to tell?



I find art is the most fulfilling when I am able to turn something funky into something fabulous and blur the lines between  that which is considered profane and that which is sacred. Check it out at: