April Jones


Born and raised on rock n' roll April is a skateboarder, independent filmmaker and self taught illustrator who thrives on transforming her imagination through painting and drawing. Her vast art collection in the genre of dark fantasy is composed with mixed media including acrylic, pencil and pen.

April's work has been featured on several music videos, zines, online publications, commercials, films and TV shows. Her creativity is recognized throughout the film industry and has had the opportunity of working as production designer, art director, set dresser, prop maker and scenic artist for large notable productions.

She is also artist, visionary, creator and producer of Slayed in Oregon, heavy metal TV show based in Portland, Oregon.

Slayed in Oregon is a public access TV show capturing heavy metal music, essence and culture in the great pacific Northwest promoting through interviews, rockumentaries, mosh pits, music videos and more. All that is metal.